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The Herbsamazon Medicine , by Dr. Sun cost him 40 years of study, research and experience. Eventually he came up with very astonishing results and as a result of his findings. The herbsamazon introduces a new medicine and explains what herbsamazon Medicine. It also makes a comparison with Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. and describes it as a new lifestyle, with for example the advice that people should always eat and drink hot. Dr. Sun also recommends taking more natural products without taking in chemicals. This  basis of a new treatment. From this medicine receipts, Warm Medicine will continue to flourish and spread, so that all people around the world can benefit from this natural and sustainable healing method.

Dr. Sun also has an online receipts capsule and teas are available at www.herbsamazon.com. If you do not want to go to the practice you can also order via the web shop. This is almost the same treatment. Because a warm treatment is easier and natural. It gives a super result. This warm treatment will become popular in the future.
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